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Pall Mall Cigarettes

Best Pall Mall cigarettes are easier to find online via internet than they are in regular smoking outlets. You can get them for 30 USD a carton. Both the wider availability and lower price are due to the fact that Pall Mall cigarettes are mostly sold in EU these days than they are in North America.

Tax free smokes store is able to import cheap Pall Mall cigarettes from European countries. They are delivered to siutable warehouses, and then shipped to the consumers for free. Since cigs don't pass through any U.S. stores, they are not subject to tariffs, much like the duty free shops in international airports. Cheap Pall Mall cigarettes from Europe have a slightly different taste from those made in the States. And since they're subject to shipping regulations, your order will arrive faster, one or two cartons per parcel, over five to ten days. With a good planning, you can collect a stock of your favorite cigarettes and save loads of money too.

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Pall Mall Blue Smooth Taste Light

  Quantity Our Price Price per carton Order
  10 $372 $37.20  You save $68 Buy Now
  6 $229 $38.17  You save $35 Buy Now
  4 $156 $39.00  You save $20 Buy Now
  2 $82 $41.00  You save $6 Buy Now
  1 $44 $44.00  Buy Now

Pall Mall Filter Red Cigarette

  Quantity Our Price Price per carton Order
  10 $292 $29.20  You save $58 Buy Now
  6 $181 $30.17  You save $29 Buy Now
  4 $124 $31.00  You save $16 Buy Now
  2 $64 $32.00  You save $6 Buy Now
  1 $35 $35.00  Buy Now

ポールモール 煙草

ポール・モールには、以下の特徴があります。 スムーズな喫味と満足感。Pall Mall は、葉タバコが最大18%多く、また高級葉タバコを使用しているため、スムーズな喫味となっています。 より長い喫煙時間:葉タバコが最大18%多いため、ゆっくり燃えて、長く Pall Mall のスムーズな味わいが楽しめます。 特別販売価格:高い製品価値のある Pall Mall を特別な価格で提供します

ポールモール は、ブリティッシュ・アメリカン・タバコ社が生産・販売するタバコのブランドのひとつ。アメリカで、1899年に発売開始された。日本では、2005年より再発売されている。イギリスでは、ペルメルと通称されることが多い

Cheap Pall Mall Cigarette

Our website is reintroducing the old dominant Pall Mall brand of cigarettes, adding a filter, a few modern touches and a discount price. We are leveraging a 102-year-old brand name to bring its best cigarette to market, and support for a value-price, filter version of Pall Mall will include the marketer's largest-ever direct mail campaign. We are to tap into the name recognition that comes from a brand that has existed since the 19th century, even though, according to the marketer's own research, the non-filter premium-price Pall Mall is perceived as stodgy and harsh by many consumers. We were first to announce the national launch of New Filtered cheap Pall Mall cigarettes: Blue Light and Pall Mall Red. Filtered Pall Mall cigarettes, which are designed to be smoother tasting, slower burning, and longer lasting than other brands, are available nationwide at an affordable low price.

Pall Mall Red Cigarettes

In discount Pall Malls, as in armored scout cars, it is modern design that makes the big difference. It filters the smoke and makes it mild. There is the most important cigarette improvement in many years - streamlined smoking. Thanks to modern design - a truly fine cigarette provides in fact what other cigarettes claim in theory - a smoother, less irritating smoke. This cigarette deliberately designed for better smoking! Pall Mall Red is longer than the old-style cigarette. And this additional length is important. The further your cigarette filters the smoke through fine tobaccos, the milder that smoke becomes. At the first puff, Pall Mall's smoke is filtered further than that of any other leading cigarette. Because it travels the smoke further - the smoke reaches you cooler. Because it filters the smoke through more tobacco - the smoke is definitely milder.